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,6,0 startrailsxddr. How to solve this error? Older VB programs. What if you accidentally delete the primary table or primary key in that database? Everything comes back to a "creator has deleted everything" error. If you have a large amount of information to change or delete, you will need a backup and recovery solution. In this post I will show you some of the backup and recovery software solutions for a SQL Server database. A few key features I will review for you are how it does the backup and recovery process, and how the backup and recovery solution is implemented. I hope to have made it as easy for you as possible.1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to mechanical surgical devices for implantation into the body for the purpose of supporting a damaged or diseased organ or muscle. 2. Description of the Prior Art During the past decade, research has been done in orthopaedic surgery to develop artificial joint systems for repairing damaged joints. This research has focused on developing artificial knee joint systems for humans. The closest of this research to commercialization is the Birmingham Knee arthroplasty system. This system is comprised of two parts: an acetabular component, and a femoral component. The acetabular component is a large plastic, hemispherical member having a concave surface and an exterior threaded hemispherical portion with a plurality of external spikes or threads thereon. The exterior threads permit the acetabular component to be attached to a porous coated, titanium femoral component having an interior threaded hemispherical portion. The porous coating of the femoral component permits the ingrowth of bone into the interior threads of the component to secure the components in place. The porous coating is also utilized to provide a relatively fluid tight joint by virtue of the ingrowth of bone. The Birmingham Knee arthroplasty system is less than ideal. This is because the acetabular component is large, bulky and hemispherical in configuration, and has significant weight, so that this acetabular component is best suited to an orthopaedic surgical procedure when a patient is in the supine position, and the size of the hemispherical acetabular component permits the bone to have adequate surface area for ingrowth. In contrast, the threaded exterior portion of the acetabular component is unsuitable for use when the acetabular component is to be used in a posterior approach, or when the acetabular component




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